Box Leagues

  • Box Leagues for  Spring  2022 Season are now ACTIVE and hosted on the Squash Levels website and can be accessed via the link below
  • To enter results click on the match box and complete the score for each rubber played – the system does the rest.
  • Box leagues are open to full  members and social members of Monmouth Squash Club.

Please ensure Box league matches are completed and results entered on the Squash Levels website

  •   please see squah levels website for start and end dates of the current boxes
  • Individuals’ allocations into boxes is based where ever possible on:
    • The Rankings and Challenge Ladder, or
    • Self-assessment/ previous successes or experience against other players in the box leagues, or
    • For  completely new players, an “assessment match” against an experienced member.
  • Matches are best of 5 games, to 15 points. If score is “14 all”, the non-serving player decides if the match goes to first to 15 points, or first to 17 points.
  • Match Points are awarded as follows:
    • 1 Bonus Match Point for playing the match, plus
    • 1 Match Point for each game won in the match, plus
    • 2 Bonus Match Points for being the first player to win 3 games.
  • Please  enter  results onto  the box league using the usual 15 PAR system
  • Whenever possible, at the end of the Box League, the top two players in the box are promoted to the box above, the bottom two players are demoted to the box below.
  • It is players’ mutual responsibility to arrange and play matches.
  • If a player does not turn up for an arranged match the other player can claim a “walk over” of 5 points with court costs to be paid by non-attendee.
  • The Committee may exclude a player from the next box league if the player fails, unless a good reason is given, (for example injury or extended periods away) to play box league matches within the given period.
Box Leagues